Building Strong Voices

Word Up

At Barnard, you learn to voice your ideas confidently and powerfully so you can be part of vital conversations.

Whatever your major, it’s essential to speak and write clearly and persuasively. Once you’ve honed your voice, you’ll be able to take your place in intellectual discourse inside and outside of the classroom, be part of a chorus of women who are working to shift the narrative, and effect change.

The Power of the Pen

Powering your voice starts with the First-Year Writing. You’ll develop fundamental skills in analysis and argument, and learn how to inspire others with your passion and perspectives. From there, a number of programs designed to elevate your writing will expand your ability to make an impact.

Wherever you are on campus, regardless if there are men there too, your voice will be respected, prioritized, and valued in ways that are almost indescribable.

Camila Puig '18

Radical Communication

The more accomplished you are as a writer and speaker, the more effectively you can make change. The Collective Advocacy Project amplifies voices beyond the classroom, supporting student activism through workshops, fellowing, consultations, and meetings.

Speaking Up, Speaking Out

Along with writing, speaking well is a tool for rigorous intellectual inquiry. At Barnard, you’ll cultivate your speaking abilities to communicate efficiently, effectively, and with conviction.

On the Internet, we are our words. Whether we are scientists, lawyers, political theorists, or artists, we are defined by the way we use language. More than ever we need language to be vivid; it may be all people know of us.

Erica Mann Jong ’63